Long Distance Caregiving Service Options in Massachusetts

Elderly relatives are a worry when we live nearby. This concern is increased when we live a distance from them and cannot see them as often as we would like. It is at these times that we may need to involve other people in their care while enabling them to remain at home. MA live-in… Read More

Top Five Senior Friendly Cell Phones

Senior Friendly Cell Phones Being in our senior years should not mean that we are unable to take advantage of the latest technology. Having a senior friendly cell phone can help maintain a person’s independence. They know that they can be contacted when they are out and about and are able to someone should an… Read More

Three Tips for the Vision Impaired

With old age comes the possibility of deterioration in eyesight and becoming vision impaired. This can affect a person’s independence; however, if you take into consideration small number of tips you can help your relative to remain as independent as possible. Changes will obviously depend on the severity of the difficulties. At home Ensure that… Read More

Technology can keep you safe in your home

Technology to keep you safe in your home When we look at technology designed to help keep you in your home, probably the biggest is that which keeps you safe and secure. A burglar alarm is possibly the most obvious device. Burglars are less likely to try to break into a home if there is… Read More

Support for family caregivers — those caring for their elderly parents

When an elderly relative requires extra care and attention, it does not affect just the individual; it can also impact on the family caregivers / family members caring for them. As more and more people become family caregivers there are more resources available to support them. Here are some basic tips on how to support… Read More