9th Annual WAGS Symposium

The Fundamentals of Grief ~ Leaving a Legacy

This engaging and interactive CEU program will address normal and complicated grief, emphasizing the importance of assessment and appropriate timely interventions. The course will discuss the purpose and value of designing legacy projects that loved ones leave behind to evoke precious memories for survivors. Learners will see examples of legacies projects and will appreciate the therapeutic effects of guiding their patients and families through this remarkable task.

Featuring: A presentation by Dr. Russell Hilliard, Vice President, Supportive Care, Research and Ethics, Seasons Hospice and Palliative Care

Location: Worcester Senior Center 128 Providence Street, Worcester, MA

Time/Date: Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Registration Fee: $35 non-member | $25 WAGS member

For more information and registration details please download our pamphlet.

Two (2) CEU’s will be offered for nurses and social workers

For questions or if you want to become a WAGS member, call or email Shelby Marshall at 508-282-5330 or shelby.marshall@rahewc.com