Top Five Senior Friendly Cell Phones

Senior Friendly Cell Phones

Doro 410 Cell Phone
Doro 410 has an SOS button to alert family members if you need help.

Being in our senior years should not mean that we are unable to take advantage of the latest technology. Having a senior friendly cell phone can help maintain a person’s independence. They know that they can be contacted when they are out and about and are able to someone should an emergency arise. It would be fair to say that the needs of the older person, in regard to their cell phone, will be different to those of a younger person. They may not need or be interested in a smartphone with numerous apps and internet connection. Many people just want a phone for its original purpose, making calls and maybe the occasional text message.

Cell phones are getting smaller and easier to carry. Unfortunately, this can also mean that they are easier to lose. Keypads are often too small to read or be operated by shaky hands. Ease of use and low cost, are two important factors when choosing a cell phone. Many models are free on contract and some providers have special plans for seniors. Cell phones are now designed to work with hearing aids and to find out the best, check out the ratings. Results are based on compatibility with M for microphone and T for tele-coil coupling, the higher the number, the higher the rating. Ultimately, the best way to rate a phone for yourself is to try it out with your hearing aid. Seek advice from elderly care providers, such as Massachusetts Caregiving, who have a good knowledge of what works well and what does not.

  1. Jitterbug. Designed by CreatCall for Samsung, this is one of the best senior friendly cell phones on the market. This flip phone has a large illuminated numerical keypad. The advantage of a flip phone is that keys cannot be accidently pressed when in a pocket or bag. Couple this with a bright colored screen and large text to help those with visual difficulties.
  2. Doro 410. This is also a flip phone with a large keypad and an easy to read screen. It also has a vibrating ringer option and a two way speaker phone. An excellent feature is the one touch emergency SOS button located on the back of the phone. This enables quick and easy access to help.
  3. Pantech Breeze. This device has a large and well-spaced keypad. The display screen is bright, with large fonts for easy reading. Voice command capabilities, along with ‘one touch’ easy access keys help to minimize confusion and misdialing; it also has extra loud volume capability.
  4. Samsung Knack. For basic use this is an excellent choice. It features excellent reception and call quality, with maximum volume and display size. With a long battery life, it will not matter so much if the owner forgets to switch it off occasionally.
  5. Clarity Pal. This phone has large buttons with amplified sound. A nice touch is the ‘talkback’ feature, which means that the numbers are spoken as they are dialed, which helps remedy mistakes quickly. It also includes an SOS button.

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