South Shore Elder Services Annual Cluster l Awards

On Wednesday, South Shore Elder Services hosted their annual cluster awards.  AHC is proud to announce two of our newest employees were recognized.  Natasha Alcime – awarded South Shore Elder’s Snow Award and Cindy Bernardo – awarded South Shore’s Certificate of Appreciation.  Hosted at the Neighborhood Club of Quincy, Paul Dzialo, Betty Maxwell, Margaret Hunt, Laurie O’Brien, and Lindsay Trigilio joined Natasha and Cindy in a wonderful breakfast.

As we all know, there were days that it was impossible to service any consumer due to road conditions and general access obstacles. It was not unusual for Natacha to park a substantial distance from her consumers’ homes and walk through snow banks to get to where she needed to be.  Natacha arranged her schedule so that somehow every consumer assigned to her who needed service got it, one way or the other. She worked every Saturday for several weeks and worked until 7 pm most nights.  It’s clear that her sense of caring and concern for her consumers is a top priority. Natacha’s commitment to her work as a home care is highly valued.

Cindy provides meal prep on a regular basis for one of her consumers. He had once told Cindy that if no one was there to prepare his meal, he would just have a piece of candy for breakfast.  He had told her that he didn’t need service Christmas and for her to enjoy the holiday. But because Cindy knows how much he enjoys breakfast, it was important to her that he start his day with a good meal. Cindy arrived at his apartment 7:30 am on Christmas Day to prepare him a good breakfast.  Cindy has a very young child and delayed her own Christmas morning celebration to service this consumer.

Thank you both for your continued dedication! Congratulations!